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Its not even June yet, and the gloom is already here.  Its really been here for more than a week but, like every year, we hope it won’t last if we ignore it.  I shot this looking south from the San Luis Rey  I-5 freeway overpass on Friday evening and an hour later it was raining.  I hope the tourists don’t see this or maybe I do.

Meanwhile, ten minutes inland, in San Juan Capistrano, the sun shines bright and no one is in doubt that summer is just 3 weeks away.

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The traditional June gloom in San ClementeIt seems to me that when I was a kid and the end of the school year was at hand, the only thing to fear was the brutal 10 days or so of June Gloom.  Yes, I said 10 days…only.  June gloom as of recent times almost seems to start in April and doesn’t give up until the end of July.


Think back and you’ll agree.  The last few July 4th’s we’ve had have barely let the sun through.  Now its true they all mix together somewhat with age and everything going on but then, its no excuse to hand over a grey, dull summer.


Two weeks ago, the rain had me worried and I confess that at the house we’ve even had the heater on.  This is definitely not something I want the relatives in the Pacific Northwest, back east, Chile and Norway to find out about.  After all, we’ll see them all here at some point this summer and I prefer it if they are as envious as I can make them.


This week it seems to be clearing up by late morning but then mother nature, is full of surprises.  She’d like nothing more than that we get our hopes up and then dash them on the rocks.  I for one will wish for an easy entry into summer but nothing more; otherwise, we’ll be asking for trouble.  I know that no sooner than I have written these words and it will be labor day.  Shorter days will bring shorter memories. 


We had burgers on Sunday for dinner.  Even June gloom can’t hold down that rich smell of a neighbor’s bar-b-que, reminding us that no matter what the weather is, summer is almost here.  The dread of traffic and crowded beaches comes later.  First things first; our gas bar-b-que has had it and so I’ll be off to get a new one this weekend.  Like my dad used to say “…I wonder what the poor folks are doing?…”   

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