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FiveBlocks has upgraded to a new computer and media software.  Soon FiveBlocks will be on a new website; we were hoping to have the new platform up with the new system and all at once but alas…it will be a bit still.

What FiveBlocks will do is keep the postings up as before and hopefully with less time in between until one day you come by and you will be on the new site.  

Thanks for enduring the long pause with us….hopefully it was harder on us than it was on you but if we do our job right no one will have to worry about that again.  One of the exciting things we have planned is video on the new site…and it really looks great…so plan to be a little homesick if you live far away but then it will give you some ideas of new things to visit or just a few laughs if you already live here.  More on other surprises and things we have planned…later…

In the interim, it’s not like we haven’t been busy so check out the latest Photo Round up…













Saddleback Football and another close call…he ran for a TD on this..




Day of THe Dead at San Juan Capistrano Library.

Day of THe Dead at San Juan Capistrano Library.


















Yes on 8 sign on Crown Valley parkway on election day.

Yes on 8 sign on Crown Valley parkway on election day.



Soth County Democratic Headquarters in San Juan Capistrano on election day.

Soth County Democratic Headquarters in San Juan Capistrano on election day.



Fall Fest (halloween) in Aliso Viejo.

Fall Fest (halloween) in Aliso Viejo.


Roller skating in San Clemente.

Roller skating in San Clemente.











 "Mini" the San Juan Chihuahua at "Dia de los Muertos" at the San Juan Library.

This is “Mini”, the San Juan Chihuahua…she is waiting for another bite of mango from her owners at San Juan Library’s “Day of the Dead” celebration.






The Great California Shake-Out drill at Saddleback College.

The “Great California Shake-Out” earthquake drill at Saddleback College.




The Hookah Craze.

The Hookah Craze.

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Last year I shot more than a few football games for the Sun Post News and the OC Register.  I covered mostly Triton football, my alma mater, and a few Dolphin football games and maybe some others like Trabuco Hills, Tesoro, Mission Viejo or Capo Valley.


Back in the day, I was not interested in Football and found the more solitary sports as more interesting.  Maybe I didn’t get it then but I get it now.


At first, not having shot football, there is a learning curve; what shots does the newspaper want and what shots can I get.  The haze of wonder and effort  or getting the shot fades and the game is revealed between the frames I shoot.


I see a team, moving forward together with one purpose; the human pushing forward to attain the goal.  Weeks of practice show in the faces of the players and their quievery arms and legs.  The coaches effort and hope show in their craning necks and taught lips as they hold back what they have shouted for the last few weeks; tension overcomes them and without thought they growl out their favorite orders and admonishments.

“…Hold’em back, guys…Run the ball…Is that all you’ve got?…”

“…What was that?…What happened?…Good Job….way to go…Hey Now…”


Listen up.


Inticial contact with the opposite team brings the real strategy.  Its all in the air until now and now its game time.  Offence, Defense, Attack and hold the line, whatever the case, the coaches pull the sergeants, soldiers and captains to the side for a conference on the board.  Not unlike generals, older and wiser and too brittle to fight, they corral and codger their resources in order to out manouver the other team.  Someone will win and someone will loose; its theirs for the taking and in not so many minutes they feel the pang of loss as a game slips away or the firm smile of victory they desperately try to hold back.


The generals and his advisers.


The general and his advisers stand tall, firm and white over their numbered soldiers.  Like some wise indian watching his enemy pass below him through the valley, the general looks over his arrows and chooses the perfect one for the job.  He calls his name, intoning some sort of brutal affection and calls him up; not wasting time, he gives him a final instruction and a swat as he sends him onto the field.  He expects that he should not come back until he has done what he has been asked. 


It is here, we see, the apex of effort built form so many weeks of drill, repeat and drill again.  Is it enough, what our team has done to conquer the other?  We wait and see and watch together, running each ball, blocking each tackle and reaching out to catch that long thrown pass; we can feel it at our own fingertips, that spinnning, warm and leathery ball.  If it falls from our players hand, we stand in the bleachers a galaxy away and when it lays tight in his hands and he falls to the ground upright and running, we are in his heart;  his shout is in our throats as he crosses the goal line. 


A game won or lost.


A game, won or lost, we will enjoy.  I saw for the first time this last year, a game I could not imagine I would enjoy.  Maybe it was always being so far away in the stands all this time, that I could not see the real emotion that four quarters of football can bring.


A game, won or lost, I enjoyed them all.



Five Blocks.

Stay tuned next week as this Saturday I will be covering Saddleback College Football for the Lariat News, Saddleback College’s School Newspaper.





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A San Clemente High School graduate stands for recognition during commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2008, on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. 




If I remember right, “All Hail San Clemente”, is the anthem of San Clemente High School; all my brothers and sisters will have sung it at one time or another.  The only part I remember is the first part and how the cheerleaders sang it, arm in arm, swaying back and forth, with hands raised high in some kind of peace sign, beginning with the index finger.  It has a tune that I would know if I heard it but strangely, like the pledge of allegiance, I couldn’t sing it alone with a knife to my throat.



 “…The only part I remember is the first part and how the cheerleaders sang it, arm in arm, swaying back and forth, with hands raised high in some kind of peace sign…”




 I shot the graduation for San Clemente High School today for the Orange County Register and the Sun Post News, and on the same field that I graduated on in 1982.  I was expecting more of an odd feeling of Déjà vu but it didn’t come.  At the moment I write this I am waiting for my photos to download so I can process them and get them to the photo desk at the paper and they can get them on the website. 






A San Clemente High School faculty member announces the next graduate for the class of 2008.


“…If it wasn’t for President Nixon and some wayward and awed Rose Bowl stragglers, we would be as alone as any other small Podunk American small town…”




San Clemente is a town. A place and a people that won’t hit you like a great song on the radio after a great day at work or on the way home in the car from the beach; it isn’t like some kind of nationally shared movie moment of  teary emotion, sight and sound.  We don’t make cars or appliances in San Clemente and it’s not a farming community where there is that corn on the cob and  four H ribbon of a solid “I am America” feeling, either.  It is something that plays itself alone to each person that was born here and is often the case, those that were not born here but live her feel it the strongest.  If it wasn’t for President Nixon and some wayward and awed Rose Bowl stragglers, we would be as alone as any other small Podunk American small town.



 A San Clemente High School, Class of 2008, graduate proudly recieves his diploma on Wednesday, June 18, 2008.

How do you explain it?  The only thing I can say is that it has to be a combination of many things, all put together, in one package that changes, ever so slightly, from one person to another.  I think that this is what it must be for every town and community at this time of year as they release their youth to the streams that will eventually lead to that really big ocean that is the world. 


“…I had a good time but I didn’t break through any journalistic barriers or force fields like some kind of Captain Kirk…”


We might ask, if like salmon, they will return instinctively to where they were born.  I don’t know and I don’t think it matters.  They are free but then, when they taste again the

waters of their youth, they will know they are home and where they began; it will be up to them whether they stay or not.


I shot all the standard shots today and as I took them, I knew I had them.  The group shot, the solo pensive shot…the buddies shot and the girlfriend shot…the head and shoulders, above the rest shot, the hug shot, the confident, the nervous and the “…OMG…What am I gonna do now, shot…”.   I could have left a lot sooner than I did.  I wanted to get the whole story, from start to finish.  I had a good time but I didn’t break through any journalistic barriers or force fields like some kind of Captain Kirk.  “Standard/Standard” as they say.  “Standard/Standard”…at least within the city limits of this town;  it is what it is.  Maybe you have to be from here to know exactly what that means but, I don’t think so.  “All Hail San Clemente…” oh yeah, I just remembered the next line:


“…We Pledge Our Loyalty…”



San Clemente High School, Class of 2008.






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Ryan Moore(second from left)leads the clean up of the \

 When I was coming down the freeway on Sunday afternoon, southbound, I saw the big “SC” was a little brighter there on the hill above the football field.  A closer look revealed 6 or 7 people grouped around it in the midst of repair and cleanup.  It was late and I wanted to go home although I saw the obvious photo brewing above Thalahassa field. 


I pulled off the freeway and wound my way to the old Ole Hanson Elementary parking lot and made my way to where I best thought I could get to where they were working.  Hoping that I wouldn’t arrive just in time to see them getting in their cars to go home, I was relieved to see they were still hard at work.


I climbed down and shot some photos as I came up but the letters are much larger than you would think and I found the shots I had taken were little anti-climatic.  Never the less, the clean-up and painting looks great and just in time for graduation next week.


Ryan Moore (second from left), a San Clemente High School freshman has made the spruce up of the letters, his Eagle Scout project.  He was there with his twin brother and a few pals, in addition to mom and dad and another parent.  They had photos of before and during and really it’s been a lot of work.  The letters not only needed painting but some structural cement work as well.  They had weeded as well and the final phase will be to plant something like iceplant around it to highlight it even more.  They had a yearbook as reference and were commenting on what the original story was behind the letters.


I don’t have the details on the letters but I seem to remember from my brother’s yearbook (class of 1968) a photo of all the sports team captains arranged around the letters in all their rayban glory.  I thought to arrange the guys in something similar but then the way the lined up looked more natural and so we went with it.  As an alumnus of SCHS, it was fun to see their spirit and dedication to the project.


I got home and sent the photo with info to Fred Sweggles, the main reporter for the Sun Post News.  I’m freelance and so unless I am assigned a shoot, I don’t know if it will be in or not, but then shooting spot news like this is encouraged.  It didn’t go up on the web but then when I got the paper this morning it was on the 6th page or so.


When I was leaving, the afternoon was giving way to evening, shadows were softening and arms were tired.  I wondered how many total graduates SCHS has turned out over the years.  I think my class, 1982, was something like 365 but I can’t remember.   It’s probably the only club I belong to.


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