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Rick Kerrigan

SAN CLEMENTE- (CA.)-Rick Kerrigan gets paid to talk but he wants to be famous for it.  Kerrigan, 47, of San Clemente, works as the sales manager for Laguna Tools in Irvine, selling specialty machinery to the professional woodworking industry and serious woodworkers all over the United States and Canada.  He has been Artistic Director for the Cabrillo Playhouse in San Clemente for the past 3 years and now after a speaking part in the San Diego County based FX television program, “Terriers”, he has been reading more scripts than tool brochures and technical manuals.

Kerrigan, originally from the Chicago area, came to Orange County in 1978 at the age of 14, when his father was transferred for a job at International Paper as plant manager, settling in Huntington Beach.  His first part on stage was in the 6th grade, when he played the scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz at Lieb Elementary in Bridgeview, Illinois.  More parts followed but when he came to California as a freshman in high school, he left the stage behind and didn’t return until he auditioned, and played the part of “Walter Kowski” in the Irvine Repertory Theatre’s production of *Mash* in 2001.

“I knew I loved being on stage but when we came to California, I had new friends and it wasn’t cool, so I left it behind.”  Kerrigan said.

Many area contractors and homeowners will remember Kerrigan as store manager for “Junior’s Tools” which operated inside the now closed Serra Lumber in Capistrano Beach.  Junior’s Tools closed for good in early 2003 and Kerrigan, living in San Clemente since 1999, saw an opening at Laguna Tools and was hired the same day he interviewed.  Kerrigan met his wife in 2003 during San Juan Capistrano’s Camino Real Repertory Theatre’s stage production of Neil Simon’s play “Rumors” and married in 2005.  The couple now have a daughter, Madelyn, 2 ½, who has already begun to do advertizing work.

Since returning to the stage, Kerrigan has been involved in over 40 productions, writing, producing, directing or acting, all in South County Theatre or film groups.  Kerrigan signed last year with talent agent Walter Ruskin of Actors Management Agency in San Diego, and has acted in several independent and industrial (business training) films including “Sandman”, written and directed by Stephen Cunnane, also of San Clemente.  “Sandman”, where he plays the “moon”, and another independent film entitled “Vengence of the Black Cloth”, directed by Aaron Tyler Burke, of Los Angeles, is a western where Kerrigan plays a bare-knuckle fight referee.  Both films will be finishing this year for submission to various film festivals across the country.

Kerrigan auditioned in May for 20th Century Fox’s FX television production of “Terriers”, beating out 200 others to play a bartender in an up-scale hotel with 4 speaking lines.  According to Kerrigan it’s not much but it’s a start and enough to require him to join the American Federation of Television and Radio Artist union, or AFTRA.

“I went into wardrobe…I had my own trailer and they treated me like a king…you don’t realize what a production it is, with all the people, but there I was…It was really fun, and I got paid scale.” Kerrigan said

“Terriers” is a comedic drama and takes place in Ocean Beach in San Diego County, detailing the lives of two un-licensed private investigators; one an ex-cop, played by Donal Logue as Hank, a recovering alcoholic and “Britt”, played by Michael Raymond-James as a former felon and Logue’s partner.  Kerrigan plays a bartender in the upcoming episode “Asunder”, which was shot at the “Grand Del Mar Hotel” in San Diego, in October. Logue’s character finds himself at the wedding of his ex-wife, ordering a drink of scotch from the bartender played by Kerrigan. The episode was directed by Ted Griffin, who created the series and is known for his screenplays from movies like Oceans 11, Matchstick Men and Ravenous. “Terriers” episode “Asunder” will premiere Wednesday, November 10th at 10pm ET/PT on FX.

“I ate lunch with Donal Logue and Raymond-James…we talked about how hard it is to get started but they had some good advice and were very encouraging…once you’ve done it, I think it gets easier.” Kerrigan said.

Kerrigan is best known at the Cabrillo Playhouse for his role as “Lenny” in “Of Mice and Men” last January and will direct “Twelve Angry Men” set to open this January at the Cabrillo.  Auditions for the production will be held next week at the playhouse.  In the meantime, Kerrigan is waiting to start a short film he will direct called “Project H”, as well as working on several original plays for film, with the Artist Collaborative Project (ACP Productions).

Kerrigan is also working to produce “Cameoke”, a live show partnering audience members with actors to play out famous scenes from movies on stage and is modeled after Karaoke.  No date has been set although Kerrigan expects the show to open at the Blue Danube in San Clemente.

Kerrigan, with his TV speaking part, is now eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild or SAG, which is exactly the direction he wants to go.

“I could get used to this!” Kerrigan said.



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The 1st Marine Division Band plays at Dana point/OC Register Photo

Pacific Marine Mammal Center sets some seals free/OC Register Photo

Last minute instructions from the Ref for the Krazy Bananas in laguna Niguel.

Fun in the sun, listening to the Capistrano Valley Symphony in Dana Point.

The Character Counts Jamboree in San Clemente.

A Shea Center Rider begins her routine at the latest fundraiser in San Juan Capistrano.

Man and his best friend in Dana Point at the Capistrano Valley Symphony's presentation of "All American Classics"

The San Clemente Tritons tried hard against their North Orange County rivals, Mater Dei, but couldn't pull it off on Friday night.

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Hittn' the road and on to the next one.  Her big smile tells us she doesn't seem to mind

Hittn' the road and on to the next one. Her big smile tells us she doesn't seem to mind





Saturday, I was in Laguna Niguel early and saw that the “Annual Moon The Amtrak” event was going to be big.  It was only 9 am and there were already a lot of people.  I went off and did some errands and came back through around 1:30.  I got there just in time to see the Orange County Sheriff Helicopter come in over the tracks and announce that the crowd would have to disperse and leave the area as it was an un-lawful assembly.

A huge “ahhhh…” went up from the crowd at the same time and shortly after a black undercover type sedan went through on Camino Capistrano and announced the same thing.  I was on the other side of the tracks and where I was there was no one.  I thought for a moment and called the photo desk at The Orange County Register to see if they wanted the shots.  They shot it last year for the mooning part, but this was different.


I talked to Thomas and he explained that they already had a photographer down there and then hesitated.



If you want to shoot it on your own go ahead and we’ll see what you get…so send it to me if you get anything good and I’ll look at it…we’ll just see…”


OC Sheriff deputies moniter the crowd as they leave southbound on Camino Capistrano.

OC Sheriff deputies moniter the crowd as they leave southbound on Camino Capistrano.




I carry a change of clothes in my van and so quickly changed from my shorts, got my equipment together and made my way over.  By now, there was a definite movement to comply with the order.  The Sheriffs were lined up on the bridge that is there just south of “Mugs A-Way” saloon.  They had their squad cars lined up and stood beside them in groups.  A single file line of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboarders, scooters and  walkers made their way in the single open southbound lane under the watchful eye of the Deputy Sheriffs.

I really expected this to erupt into something and so was trying to keep my eyes open to be safe and get a good shot of it all.  I think mostly the event has been very innocent and a way for adults to let off some steam and be a part of the quirky history in Orange County.  I have shot enough events to know that a few drunks can ruin a regular event and this looked like something that would ignite but I was relieved as soon as I got there and started shooting on the bridge.


OC Sheriff Deputies and Security from Mugs Away Saloon consider the options together.

OC Sheriff Deputies and Security from Mugs Away Saloon consider the options together.
















The Orange County Sheriff Department was out to disperse the crowd with no issues and that is exactly what they did.  I thought their approach and demeanor was excellent.  They just wanted to get everyone out with out incident and I cannot say enough for their efforts in getting this done.  I personally saw where deputies observed more than one  ambulatory drunk stumbling around and just let them keep moving on their way out; no doubt that if anyone wasn’t moving out they would have intervened.





A few “discussions” occurred between participants and deputies and as well, although heated, the deputies gave everyone a way out while remaining firm.  I think this humbled more than a few folks that should have gone to jail and they realized the break they were getting and cautiously did as the deputies asked. 



Cool Couple on a Cool bike.

Cool Couple on a Cool bike.

In general, I followed the deputies, while hanging back, so as not to encourage anyone form trying to make the news.  The deputies were calm and conversed normally with anyone that approached then.  I saw several times deputies and attendees laughing together as if they were at a Jaycee softball game.  There was an obvious method on their part as they moved through the crowd and gave everyone plenty of time to get handled anything illegal and in the open.  I saw one sheriff sergeant speaking for awhile with an apparently upset woman and then was speaking with someone, using her cell phone.  I got a shot of it and it was especially interesting to see a helmeted sheriff using her cell phone with a fluffy ball dangling form it.  He must have solved the problem as she walked away much calmer than when she came up to him.






On the crowd’s part, they were generally upset that as there had been no incident, why was it getting shut down?  I was asked several times if I knew what had happened as they believed in general that something must have occurred.  I had asked a deputy if he knew early on and he responded that he didn’t know and that he just got the word to go down and here he was.  This is standard as information is always handled through a public information officer.  There still could have been something but didn’t seem like it.        








OC Sherrifs shoot the breeze with an attendee on Saturday.

OC Sherrifs shoot the breeze with an attendee on Saturday.












The crowd behaved well in general except for a few drunks but they were wise enough to lay low; everyone seemed to know that they were getting a pass so even in a stupor they maintained order.  I heard a few people in cars drive by and make random rude comments about the deputies and un-doubtedly it was heard; they just ignored it and kept a watchful eye.  Then again, I heard plenty of event goers compliment the sheriff deputies on their calmness, “nice job”, “…you guys are doing great…” or  “Thanks for coming out…”


Peace out.

Peace out.



I tink this couple pretty much have a good time where ever they go.

I tink this couple pretty much have a good time where ever they go.

I heard someone say that it had started with a medical aid and the emergency personnel had a difficult time making it down.  I don’t know if that was true.  This was really a good crowd actually and I think the only impediment to emergency response would be by someone drunk getting in the way on accident, getting run over or becoming belligerent because of a uniform.  I don’t remember seeing any bathroom facilities and that could be an issue.  Everyone was minding their own business and the crowd was gentle.  I have seen much more controlled, sanctioned events with a similar theme, and the feeling for me has always been that something could easily happen.  Once I was there, I was wary of course, but this crowd just didn’t have that vibe. 




Ultimately, I will reason that some over the top and repeated nudity shattered the day for the “Moon The Amtrak” event.  Its true that anyone down there would have to expect this type of stuff going on to a certain degree and as well, it’s not like they were around any homes where innocents would have happened upon them.  If you were down there then you were there for the party. 










Its always a few jerks that ruin it but a good job must be recognized on the part of The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and especially because they obviously meant for it to be that way.  Maybe our new Sheriff has already had an impact; I would really like to think so.  The crowd deserves credit as well.  They definitely didn’t agree with the order and yet peaceably did as they were asked and without incident.


An OC deputy Sheriff helps out an event participant using her cell phone

An OC deputy Sheriff helps out an event participant using her cell phone




I don’t look forward to the day that things don’t turn out they way they did today but then we’d be like any other country where things go wrong and get worse by the minute.









The artcle in The Orange County Register:


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