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Santa Margarita Catholic High School Class of 2008.

 I shot the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Class of 2008 graduation ceremony on Saturday for the newspaper.  It was held at The Bren Center at UCI in Irvine.  I got there early and shot the kids getting ready outside, and the lineup to go in.


Nervous and excited, they hugged, shook hands and smiled at each other.  There were a little over 400 total graduates this year.  It occurred to me that this will be the last time they will all be together in one spot again; a bitter sweet freedom, and if you have graduated from high school, you will instantly know what I mean.  I imagined the photos I took today, printed in the paper, will find their way into more than a few scrap books and maybe a poster at the 20 year reunion. 


I saw these two posing for pictures with family and friends and having a great time defending themselves from jibes and jokes designed for funny expressions and the snap of a photo.  They are best friends; one is destined for Notre Dame in the fall and the other is going to Holy Cross.  A bright future shines in their eyes; the soft shadow of accomplishment spreads across those that surround them.  The small concrete courtyard where they stand, smiling and leaning on each other, is not big enough for who they are now.  Our timid awareness that most of the class of 2008 will not see each other again is relieved with these two.


Amazingly, over their lifetime, they will become better friends.  They are the sum of all the photos I have taken of the class of 2008.


I see them both at each others wedding and both as the best man.  I think they will most likely live close to each other and if not, I see a big phone bill from calling every day.  Closer at hand, I foresee a summer roadtrip sometime in the next four years where they could not possibly imagine no one in the small Midwest towns they’ll pass through, will be able to recognize a roadtrip when they see one.  They will attempt to break all the records of messy hotel rooms, cheap diners, brutaly red sunburns and staying awake the longest.  They will have bags full of fun and talk about their trip for the next 60 years, even after their wives have long left the room.   


They will be the godfathers for each others children and they will send each other funny gag gifts on birthdays.  They’ll share golf tips and become mildly irritated after discussing the merits of their individual favorite professional sports teams.  They already know which of them doesn’t like ketchup or mustard or mayo or wheat bread.  They will get to be 50 years old and wonder about how fast it’s all gone by while they stand with their sons and daughters for photos in a courtyard that is not big enough for them. 




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