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Thanks for the cozy blanket.

CAMP PENDLETON, -(CA)- Donated diapers, wipes and clothes for 574 children of military personnel rolled into Camp Pendleton on Thursday morning, courtesy of the Assistance League of Capistrano Valley.

And Tia Thorpe, manager of the San Onofre Community Center, where the goods were distributed, is glad they did.

“It benefits the families, so it’s a good thing. But it also shows that other people care outside the military. It hasn’t always been that way,” Thorpe said. “The families really appreciate it.”

According to Ann Steinhilper of San Juan Capistrano, chairwoman of the local Assistance League’s “Chapters for Children,” the organization holds three distribution days a year for different age groups, including a “back to school” day in August. The group raises funds through lunches, mailers, website donations and federal and state grants.

Steinhilper says the group focuses on the north end of the Camp Pendleton Marine base, where extra help isn’t as widely available because of its remoteness. The league purchases the diapers and wipes in addition to providing two complete outfits for each child. The cost comes to about $14 per child.

Checking it out.

Two new programs include volunteers knitting and sewing and making quilts and sweaters for toddlers. The Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center in Mission Viejo provided handmade sweaters this year, and Heart to Heart, a Long Beach group, sent handmade quilts.

Many mothers have been to the event more than once, saying the help makes a difference with their husbands away for up to a year on deployment.

Christina Blackwell visited for the first time with her children, Emmalin, Elsa and Ashlyn, and slowly walked among the tables full of clothes and quilts. Elsa and Ashlyn quickly wrapped themselves in a multicolored afghan Blackwell picked out for them.

“These women (volunteers) are great, and the things they do for our families is amazing,” Blackwell said.

Marine Sgt. Ruchir Patel made his fifth visit, this time to help distribute diapers and wipes, load cars and clean up.

“I utilize the program myself. I have four kids, and I’m here because I want to give back,” Patel said with a smile.


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