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Ruben Gracia with \


 Ruben Gracia, of Yorba Linda, had no doubt about what to call his 1956 Chevy 210 coup when he began to restore it 3 ½ years ago.  Gracia is a Sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff and remembers what happened back in the day when the police came through the neighborhood.


“Yeah…the cops would cruise down the street and we’d shout  “…la hura…la hura…” and so that’s why I put it on the license plate…”


“La Hura” is Gracia’s first effort to restore a car and although he never thought about giving up, there were plenty of times when he wondered what would come next.  He explains a tale of what many restorers can share about the past history of their car.




“It was a rust bucket…originally it was in Arizona and the guy that had it couldn’t finish it and so I got it…most of it in boxes…just say it was a complete frame off

restoration…anyone in cars will know what that means…”




Gracia estimates that he has put about 1500 miles on the car in the last 2 years since it has been done.  Its his second year for the car show in San Clemente.  Gracia doesn’t belong to any car clubs but has shown it at various sheriff car shows and says that inner city youth have shown a special interest in the car.



“I have been offered 75,000 cash for the car but after all the work, I am just not interested in selling it…not with all the work…


“La Hura” has a 396 big block, gets 6 or 7 miles per gallon, and is a certified 13 second car; it will hit 60 mph in 13 seconds on a ¼ mile.  Gracia hasn’t pushed the car but estimates it’s top speed at 120 mph. 














Gracia admits the red and white two tone is not original but says the colors really clicked.  I pressed him on the ethic of keeping the car original.  He sighed, acknowledging my words but dismissing the idea and responded confidently.


“…red and white…it just seemed the way to go…”


I do not see how anyone on the road will miss “La Hura”.







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