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Hanging out in grandpa's surfer rig on a Saturday afternoon.

Coming in for a win.

Oh, c'mon dad, it's my bucket.

Not Ipanema for sure, but just as fun for these two.

This green critter looks like he has a sweet ride and a cool chick to go with it.

San Clemente's new boat still had wet paint.

His parents could not get him to leave the water.

A little winded but he placed.

This is solid fun for these two.

Its all about timing it just right.

These look like very determined rubber ducks.

Golden glory on the end of a ribbon.

Future champion.

Good luck dashboard Hula girl.

Yes, he won it, but not by much.

A real Hula girl and a future champion.

Watching for dolphins, mermaids and pirates.

There's no stopping this one.

South of the San Clemente Pier.

Big smiles all say long.

Here's the rules guys so listen up...

Rob Rojas, always a winner.

Hey baby, is this great or what...?

Into the final stretch for the big win.

Neptune and Ariel were everybody's friend.

Two cuties.

Sumertime....really not anything else to say here.

Just a good time for everybody.

Powering it out for the last few meters to the line to place.

Right here guys!

A queen surveys her kingdom from a daddy chariot.

Bump, set, spike.

It's a great view from here.

Their clothes will be dry by the time they get home.

Sportsmanship was strong all day.

A good win begins with a good start.

They must have been pretty tired.

A real live mermaid gets her hair done up with a feather.

San Clemente's boat; this shot made the front page.


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