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A helping hand from Dad.



CAMP PENDLETON -(CA)- More than 700 Marine families at Camp Pendleton received free back-to-school supplies, clothes and shoes over the weekend, courtesy of area chapters of the Assistance League, a national nonprofit organization.

For several hours Saturday and Sunday, families, assisted by personal shoppers, made the rounds at the San Onofre Community Center at the Marine base, selecting notebooks, pens, paper, hygiene kits with toothbrushes and toothpaste, and two complete school outfits for boys and girls from kindergarten to 12th grade. Goods worth about $75,000 were distributed.

Marine kids hit the rack.

Marine Sgt. Natan Nagler helps his son Andrew, 6, pick out a pair of jeans during the Assistance League’s back-to-school charity event at the San Onofre Community Center at Camp Pendleton.

“It’s brilliant; the families are so grateful,” said former British Royal Marine Anthony Kay of Oceanside, now a U.S. Marine Corps community-service recreational assistant at Camp Pendleton. “The organization, with time slots and appointments, makes everything run smoothly.”


Already a long day and it's only been 15 minutes.

Ann Steinhilper, Assistance League of Capistrano Valley chapter chairwoman for Camp Pendleton, said six other chapters also participated to make this year’s back-to-school event the biggest since it began five years ago. The Laguna BeachSaddleback Valley, Temecula Valley, Rancho San Dieguito, North Coast San Diego and Inland North Coast (San Diego) chapters joined Capistrano Valley, each working about 50 hours over two weeks to assemble the project. Steinhilper said each chapter was responsible for selecting, purchasing and delivering goods to the Community Center, using money raised throughout the year at fundraisers and donation drives, as well as through grants for nonprofits.

Shaylee Wallace, 13, of Oceanside welcomed the effort with a big smile, saying what a help the new clothes would be this school year.

Danielle Kidder, 12, attended with her father, Marine Staff Sgt. Warren Kidder of the 7th Engineer Support Battalion. She said she was happy with the two new tops she got, especially a bright purple sweat shirt.


New jeans are definitely worth a big smile

Sheri Burns, a Marine Corps community-service worker who has a son in the Marines, said there’s no doubt the event raises the spirits of Marine families and expresses how the surrounding community appreciates what the Marines do for their country.

“It’s just a good thing to do, and giving things is another way for people to say ‘Thank you’ to the families of the deployed Marines,” Burns said. “It really helps out.”


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Summer blend of sun, sea and sky.

Summer blend of sun, sea and sky.


Summer is not endless but, then it doesn’t exactly go away either.  In San Clemente it  just blends into the background and hibernates until next year.  Ocassionaly, we get little reminders that it is waiting for this world to tilt and spin in just the right way; a nice warm breeze, a fresh scent of sea and sand.  Its nothing strong or anything that lasts very long but its there whispering in our ear that the wait til next year won’t be so bad.


We live on the route to Concordia elementary and woke to the sound of moms, dads and kids on bikes.  I wondered how many little voices I heard outside were going to school for the very first time.  I looked outside from the living room window through the garden that surrounds our house.  There is a stop sign just outside and I could see the chlildren sitting in the front seat, their heads barely passing over the window, looking and wondering where the summer has gone. 

Backpacks for books and lunches replace pails, shovels and slurpees for the beach.  They have their jackets on as its a little cold in the morning now.  Teachers give permission to go the the restroom with a hall pass now where only last weekend it was just a glance at mom to plead for one more time in the water.


The freedom of weekends will ease away the longing for summer and remind us that its only waiting to return from the upside down world where it goes to have its own summertime away from us.  See you next summer.

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