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Ryan Moore(second from left)leads the clean up of the \

 When I was coming down the freeway on Sunday afternoon, southbound, I saw the big “SC” was a little brighter there on the hill above the football field.  A closer look revealed 6 or 7 people grouped around it in the midst of repair and cleanup.  It was late and I wanted to go home although I saw the obvious photo brewing above Thalahassa field. 


I pulled off the freeway and wound my way to the old Ole Hanson Elementary parking lot and made my way to where I best thought I could get to where they were working.  Hoping that I wouldn’t arrive just in time to see them getting in their cars to go home, I was relieved to see they were still hard at work.


I climbed down and shot some photos as I came up but the letters are much larger than you would think and I found the shots I had taken were little anti-climatic.  Never the less, the clean-up and painting looks great and just in time for graduation next week.


Ryan Moore (second from left), a San Clemente High School freshman has made the spruce up of the letters, his Eagle Scout project.  He was there with his twin brother and a few pals, in addition to mom and dad and another parent.  They had photos of before and during and really it’s been a lot of work.  The letters not only needed painting but some structural cement work as well.  They had weeded as well and the final phase will be to plant something like iceplant around it to highlight it even more.  They had a yearbook as reference and were commenting on what the original story was behind the letters.


I don’t have the details on the letters but I seem to remember from my brother’s yearbook (class of 1968) a photo of all the sports team captains arranged around the letters in all their rayban glory.  I thought to arrange the guys in something similar but then the way the lined up looked more natural and so we went with it.  As an alumnus of SCHS, it was fun to see their spirit and dedication to the project.


I got home and sent the photo with info to Fred Sweggles, the main reporter for the Sun Post News.  I’m freelance and so unless I am assigned a shoot, I don’t know if it will be in or not, but then shooting spot news like this is encouraged.  It didn’t go up on the web but then when I got the paper this morning it was on the 6th page or so.


When I was leaving, the afternoon was giving way to evening, shadows were softening and arms were tired.  I wondered how many total graduates SCHS has turned out over the years.  I think my class, 1982, was something like 365 but I can’t remember.   It’s probably the only club I belong to.



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